The 12th Shanghai International Conveyor Belt Industry Exhibition

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Exhibition overview

     Founded in 2002, the "China International Conveyor Machinery and Conveyor Belt Industry Exhibition" is held every year and is a high-end platform dedicated to international trade cooperation in the field of global material conveying machinery and rubber conveyor belts. Under careful organization, it has become the leading conveyor equipment exhibition in Asia, and has been unanimously recognized by the industry in the global conveyor machinery and rubber conveyor belt industry. It has played a positive role in creating communication opportunities for domestic and foreign transportation equipment enterprises and strengthening mutual cooperation. Since its establishment, the scale and influence of the exhibition have been continuously expanding, and it has become an annual industry event and a good win-win platform for people in the field of global material handling equipment.

     The 13th Shanghai International Conveyor Machinery and Conveyor Belt Industry Exhibition in 2022 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from December 1st to 3rd, 2022. More than 800 industrial chain enterprises will participate in the exhibition. The scale will reach 30,000㎡.



Concurrent activities

The 10th China Conveying Equipment Industry Development Summit Forum

"China's Top 50 Conveyor Belts" selection activity

Global Forum on Sustainability in the Field of Material Handling Equipment

Last year review

     From November 30th to December 2nd, 2021, national pavilions from all over the world and world-renowned conveyor machinery, conveyor belt and transmission belt equipment suppliers will gather in Shanghai to participate in the 2021 Shanghai International Conveyor Machinery and Conveyor Belt Industry Exhibition . The exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, and a series of activities were also held at the same time: the 9th China Conveyor Equipment Industry Development Summit Forum, the selection of China's Top 50 Conveyor Belts, and the Global Forum on Sustainable Development in the Field of Material Conveying Equipment.

     In the last exhibition, more than 700 well-known manufacturers from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and the proportion of internationalization accounted for 28%. The three-day event attracted 26,806 professional visitors from more than 20 countries and regions around the world. During the visit, 46 media from 11 countries and regions at home and abroad reported the event on the spot.


The feedback after the exhibition indicated:

1), 86.25% of the exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the exhibition effect of this exhibition,

2), 70.25% of the exhibitors have a strong interest to participate in the next exhibition again.

3) 69% of exhibitors believe that this exhibition has great advantages compared with other exhibitions, and they will definitely or likely recommend other peers to participate.

Satisfied exhibitors:

Exhibitors mentioned that the purpose of participating in this mining exhibition is as follows: image display (88%), experience exchange (85%) and fostering good customer relationship (84%, multiple choice); 86% of exhibitors believe that they have The most important target groups have been reached and new business contacts have been established; 90% of exhibitors are satisfied with the professional level of visitors, 83% of exhibitors are looking forward to the substantial follow-up business brought by the exhibition; 95% of exhibitors believe that On the whole, the exhibition was successful. 88% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the organization and service of the exhibition, and 80% of the exhibitors indicated that they planned to participate in the next exhibition.

Exciting events at the same time:

During the exhibition, many special events will be held, such as project docking, signing ceremony, bilateral meeting, welcome dinner, awards dinner, cold dinner reception and special training, which will provide a good opportunity and atmosphere for industry professionals to communicate and exchange.

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