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65,000 professional visitors came to visit and purchase | The experience value of this textile machinery joint exhibition is

On June 16, 2021, the five-day China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition ended successfully at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The textile machinery joint exhibition, which has been deeply involved in the textile machinery industry for 12 years, has seized the critical moment of economic recovery in the post-epidemic era and the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and has dedicated a safe and highly effective textile industry to colleagues in the industry. Machine industry feast. During the five-day exhibition period, the textile machinery joint exhibition welcomed a total of 65,000 professional visitors at home and abroad. As the industry picks up, inject a boost to the high-quality development of the industry.

  International exhibitions maintain high standards

   On-site signing of good news one after another

  Under the common expectation of the whole industry, the textile machinery joint exhibition has an exhibition area of 160,000 square meters and spans 6 major exhibition halls of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). A total of 1,237 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions presented new products together. , 65,000 professional visitors came one after another, and one wave of good news was signed at the exhibition site.

  On the first day of the launch, Jiangsu Songhe Song Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Intercontinental Home Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed 600 electronic jacquard machines with a contract value of nearly 110 million, setting a new record of "the largest number of equipment and the largest amount" of extended contracts in recent years. . Subsequently, it signed contracts with Keqiao Printing and Dyeing and other enterprises on the spot, and received orders of 150 million yuan in two days; Jingwei Textile Machinery signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xinjiang Tianyin Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Xinjiang Zhentai Industrial Incubation Park Investment Co., Ltd. The signing ceremony of the 100,000-spindle intelligent project of Jiangsu Taida Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was completed one after another; Trützschler held the delivery ceremony of the 7th generation model of China's 8,000th carding machine; Suzhou Robert Muniu Liuma Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. released the first The "VQ08-10" laser-guided automatic upper-axis handling robot has attracted great attention in the industry, and a number of cooperation intentions were reached on the first day of its launch. CHTC signed an agreement with Dongdong Bay (Yangzhou) for the strategic cooperation and the second phase of the new biological material project.

  Many exhibitors gave high praise to the quality of the audience of this exhibition. The person in charge of Sanderson Lima Group said that the exhibition not only received market feedback on the latest products, but also received many long-awaited customers, and the exhibition effect exceeded expectations. The person in charge of Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. said that this year is the year that has received the most customers. Customers with clear needs, as well as old friends for many years, take this opportunity to gather and exchange current situation and market conditions. Such an opportunity is very rare. The person in charge of Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. thought that the epidemic would affect the flow of visitors, but he did not expect that the quality of customers this year was very high, and many customers came with sincerity and clarity, so this year's exhibition felt more efficient.

  The world's first new products in the industry,

  Vibrant innovation helps the industry break through

  The epidemic has prompted technological innovation to become the core key for enterprises to lead changes and break through the predicament. This year, the industry's new product launch activities at the Textile Machinery Joint Exhibition reached a new high in scale. Hundreds of new products and new applications were announced one by one in five days, once again confirmed that The strong agglomeration effect of the textile machinery joint exhibition and the platform strength of "world premiere".

  Domestically, four new products of JWF1589EJM high-speed electric spindle spinning frame, JWF1589EJM automatic piecing spinning frame, JWF1288 automatic combing frame and JWF1618E rotor spinning frame exhibited by Jingwei Textile Machinery have gathered together due to a number of technological breakthroughs. Super popular and become a popular punch-in place; Changzhou Hongda Technology Hawk Vision® flexible intelligent weft straightening machine global conference; Jiangsu Haida Textile Machinery 2021 new product HDMA21 double-layer setting machine officially unveiled; Hubei Tianmen Textile Machinery pioneered the "drawing process fully automated" "New Era of Leveling and Leveling" new product launch conference; Best launched a variety of new equipment, including BS598EM-444D ring spinning frame, BS572M-504D ring spinning frame; Wuyang Textile Machinery's new product world premiere ceremony brought GE385 high-speed intelligent 8 new products including cashmere warp knitting machine and GE3280 intelligent fabric splitting machine; Golden wheel card clothing brings six new products, including high-efficiency carding card clothing for machine-picked cotton, high-yield special card clothing for spinning polyester carding, high-yield and high-speed spunbond clothing Special matching card clothing for rubber, high-yield and high-speed spinning cotton double-tooth card clothing, high-yield and high-speed blue diamond fixed cover, and integral cylinder for high-speed combing.

  Overseas booths are also very interesting. This year, Saurer exhibited the new intelligent carding machine Autocard and the new concept rotor spinning machine AutoBD, both of which were the first exhibition in Asia; Picanol exhibited two new rapier looms for the first time. The new GTMax-i 3.0S adopts 4 colors and more Arm configuration, the new GTMax-S is a 380 cm wide 8-color dobby configuration; Stäubli showed for the first time the newly developed S1551 cam opening device, which is specially used for the production of ternary weave fabrics such as plain weave on air-jet looms. At the same time, for the high-grade dobby fabrics on the air-jet loom, Stäubli also launched the newly developed S3018 rotary electronic dobby, which can use up to 16 pieces of heddle units; Itema R9500-2denim denim fine rapier loom, Exclusively added -2400mm-width model, showing the latest trend.

  Judging from the products exhibited this year, the development of the textile industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period no longer aims at quantitative growth. The transformation and upgrading of the industry has entered a stage of substantial development, and the high-quality development of the industry is becoming the mainstream trend. The essential elements of "high-end manufacturing" such as intelligence, high efficiency and high speed, and greenization have become the most important points of investment in new projects of textile enterprises. The exhibits focus more on intelligent manufacturing and green development, and bring more system solutions to the industry around mobile interconnection, intelligent textile, automation control, software system integration, information, and logistics, and also make the audience feel the era of intelligent manufacturing and 5G interconnection. profound changes.

  multi-dimensional invitation,

  Accelerate internal circulation and achieve efficient business docking

  This year's textile machinery joint exhibition fully launched the domestic buyer invitation plan before the exhibition, maximized the advantages of the unique business platform, locked the target customer group for the exhibitors, and realized the precise connection between the supply and demand sides. The promotion of investment promotion EDM emails, text messages, big data, and circle of friends took turns; nearly a hundred industry media at home and abroad carried out intensive pre-show special reports; dozens of VIP buyer groups came to the scene, and there were even groups from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai scientific research institutions. The group came to visit and study, and jointly seek opportunities for cooperation.

  The person in charge of Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co., Ltd. said that this group visit is mainly to find intelligent manufacturing equipment or software for textile machinery, so as to improve the level and effect of the group's intelligent manufacturing. The domestic progress in intelligent manufacturing of electronic equipment has surpassed that of foreign countries. This time, a preliminary cooperation agreement has been reached with Jiangyin Huafang New Technology Research Co., Ltd. At this exhibition, Tongxiang Home Textiles Association mainly focused on the upgrading of hemp machines, and learned about the new machinery and equipment and new technologies in the direction of intelligent and green upgrading in the textile production chain including post-processing, printing and dyeing, etc. This visit is well worth it.

  The person in charge of the Jiangsu Textile Engineering Society said on the spot that, as a wind vane for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, the joint textile machinery exhibition can enable colleagues in the industry to see the direction of the development of textile machinery in the future. This exhibition will have a positive impact on the development of textile and garment enterprises. push. Teachers from the School of Textiles and Engineering of Soochow University moved the classroom to the exhibition: the exhibition gave students a lively observation lesson, which enabled us to keep up with the pace of technological updates from the perspective of teaching materials and experimental facilities. Advance and study space. At the same time, we also see a lot of new opportunities for cooperation with enterprises. At present, the school has launched a good cooperation project between colleges and enterprises in the fields of new material application, software development, new product development, etc. We hope to achieve more cooperation through the platform of the exhibition. .

  Upgrade guarantee and service work,

  Ensure the efficient and orderly development of the exhibition

  As the first offline international exhibition of the global textile machinery industry after the epidemic, this textile machinery exhibition carries the expectations of thousands of textile people. Therefore, the organizers put the preparation and service of the exhibition as the top priority. Optimizing the details from various aspects to ensure smooth connection of all aspects of exhibiting and viewing the exhibition, helping exhibitors and visitors to connect efficiently.

  Open the official website + WeChat dual-entry pre-registration before the exhibition, and upgrade the exhibitor customer invitation system again, which is convenient for exhibitors to forward invitation letters to invite customers to visit the exhibition with one click. During the five-day exhibition period, the customer invitation system will continue to be opened, and exhibitors can make invitations at any time. Pre-registered visitors can log in on the spot, scan the code with one click to get the badge, and the contact-free service saves time and effort, and is safe and secure.

  Each pavilion is divided according to category, and the flag hanging guide is clearly visible. Exhibitors and visitors can quickly follow the guide to find the corresponding booth. The information desks of each museum provide visiting guides and other guide materials, and answer all kinds of questions encountered during the exhibition process for the audience at any time.

  In order to protect the health and safety of visitors and exhibitors, the organizer also places anti-epidemic materials at each information desk, so that visitors and exhibitors in need can access them at any time. There is a shuttle bus stop at the main log-in off-site, which regularly travels to and from the exhibition hall, railway stations, airports and other transportation hubs every day, which is convenient for exhibitors and visitors to leave the venue. The association village, operation center, intellectual property office, news center, main technical office, service office and other institutions are closely linked with multiple guarantees, providing services to exhibitors and visitors at any time, and answering questions.

  sail forward

  2022, look forward to seeing you again!

  The 2020 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition came to a successful conclusion, thank all the textile machinery people for their persistence and companionship.

  See you on November 20-24, 2022!

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